Rustico, Arlington, VA

Visited Rustico, in Arlington, VA last night with my co-conspirator, and we tried 2 pizzas, TWO.  We had the Super Meats one, called the “Grilled Pizza” and an Italian Sausage pizza on their gluten-free crust made fresh from chick peas. I liked the place, and will be excited when I can go back for more. It’s not cheap, and it seemed like the same 8 songs were on a loop, but they do have over 400 beers available for the ultimate pizza & beer connoisseur.

The Grilled pizza has san marzano sauce, mortadella, capicola, salami & smoked gouda. I paired the super meat fest with a malty beer, Duck-Rabbit brewery’s Duck-Rabbiter. The pizza was very tasty, and had tons of flavor. At points there was so much meat, I though my umami buds were gonna ‘splode, but they survived. I’m fairly confident they only pulled through because the beer soothed them. The chives were fresh and slightly strong, and the healthy amount of garlic kept the vampires at bay ALL NIGHT LONG. it was super tasty, occasionally a tad sour from the different flavors, but it was a delightful sour.

The crust was just OK. The flavor was fine, and it was a nice toasted bread flavor. It was too thin however, on two slices, nonexistent. I lifted a piece of capicola to reveal my plate underneath. But it was quite delicious and almost decadent. The fork delivered the pizza shrapnel to my mouth in record time.

Overall I give a rating of 6.5 slices; the crust was just too disappointing.


The Italian Sausage pizza with roasted peppers, mozzarella, parmesan on the gluten-free crust was an interesting pizza as well. Note that the crust can be ordered to be placed under most of their pizzas. It had a nice texture and a decent enough flavor; it wasn’t a cracker and it wasn’t too bland. I think it could use some spices in there though, but kudos must be awarded for it being made fresh in-house.

The pizza on top of the crust lacked some flavor. A healthy dose of red pepper did the trick. Overall I would rate at 5 slices. On the gluten-pizza scale it earns a 3 happy bellies.

So that’s what I say.

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