Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, Chapel Hill, NC

UPDATE 3/25/12 I returned and had the Roasted Chicken Caprese pie while Luke had the Pimento Cheese Pizza. The Pimento Pizza was surprisingly good, and my caprese was tasty too.

We of course also had the super secret appetizer, and it was a Monday so… we needed Jen to drive us home!!!



Brixx Pizza is where it’s at in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, especially on a Monday night… My bros joined me for a pizza-ing, and believe it or not, they’re pretty much just as crazy about pizza as I am. Something about family legacy or something…

Anyway, lets get started, with an appetizer that you can’t find on the menu. The Gorgonzola Chips almost stole the show, they are so delicious. These blue potato chips covered in hot gorgonzola and a tasty sauce were a real treat. And before I forget, don’t you forget to pair the tasty grub here with their great brew selection.


They’ve got a very good selection of microbrews on tap, and on monday, almost all of them are $1.95 a glass… Yes. They also have a nice club, the MBA, or Masters of Beer Appreciation club, that scores you great discounts while you fill your tastings sheet with all their beers.

After some very pleasant surprises with the app and the beer, it was pizza time.

We ordered 3 pizzas; the Buffalo Chicken pizza (olive oil sauce), the Bronx Bomber pizza (tomato sauce), and the Quattro Formaggio pizza (olive oil sauce).

The Buffalo Chicken pizza had Texas Pete Wing Sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, wood roasted chicken and was topped with fresh celery. This pizza had a great flavor and excellent crunch from the fresh celery. Actually, the celery was perfect. Also there was a nice spice from the wing sauce, and when set against the super smooth cheese, this pizza was a good time.

Rating: 6/8 slices

Bronx Bomber had spicy Italian sausage, prosciutto, gorgonzola, tomato sauce, and fresh oregano. This was a nice looking pizza, and it was good, but not great.The prosciutto was very good, and the spicy sausage was better. The let-down: the sauce. It was lack-luster to me. It was good, but I’m looking for the best. And now what was the best part of this pizza? The fresh basil. It made the pizza and was a great flavorful compliment to the salty prosciutto.

Rating: 5/8 slices

Last but not least, the Quattro Formaggio.

This epic, beastly, amazing, pizza… had gorgonzola, parmesan, gouda, and goat cheese on it 🙂 along with some fresh tomatos (sun dried tomatos on the menu but we called an audible on those). This pizza stole the show, and I think we could all feel it inside as it was placed on the table. It was a sight to bee seen…


The room went silent. The lights dimmed and a spot-light shone directly on it. It was placed in front of my bro Adam:

He automatically tried to transform his body into a pizza vacuum so that he could consume the entire thing. I had my camera in hand and managed to capture the intense moment, just before Luke, my other bro, stepped in to stop his transformation. It was a close call, for sure…

The pizza was amazing. Vacuum-Adam was sad. The rest of us, including Adam’s human form, were excited. The goat cheese was smooth and there was a blissful umami flavor throughout. Also, the crust on this pizza (and the others reviewed here) was great; soft and crispy at the same time with a nice delicate flavor.

Rating: 7/8 slices!!!

If I go back I’m ordering 2 Quattro Formaggios, 2-9 beers, and those gorgonzola chips. Maybe 2-9 orders of the chips, 5 pizzas, and a keg. I’m not sure… Want to help me eat/drink it all?!?!? Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when I’m back in the area.

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