Fox’s Pizza Den, Berryville, VA

Fox’s Den Pizza…

Here’s the thing. I’ve eaten 3 of their pizzas, well, 2 1/4 but I’ve bought 3. The only pizza shop near where my tattoo artist works, is Fox’s. Perhaps the adrenaline or other endorphines in my system influenced my taste buds the first two times.. Or maybe the third time was the only time that the pizza was truly, horrible.

It was really bad. the Jalepeños were sooo pickled, the crust was sooo bland, and I couldn’t identify any spices. I ate a slice on the way back home. When I returned to try and stomache another slice the next day, the pizza smelled so bad from all the peppers. It burned my nose just smelling it.

It went straight to the garbage. Also, that same day, our neighborhood’s garbage truck blew up. I swear it was the pizza that ate through the gas tank and caused a devastating chain reaction.

This pizza gets a giant jar of VOM-SAUCE.