Church Street Pizza, Vienna VA

There has been a blood feud… or maybe marinara feud… going on in Northern Virginia’s sleepy Vienna/Oakton neighborhood for centuries now, between the great Santini’s NY Deli, and Church Street Pizza.

I just happened in during a cease fire it seems, and was able to grab 2 slices asap before the mortars started to blast delicious roma tomatoes back and forth. I must return again under a white flag and do a complete review.

I snagged a Hawaiian slice and a sausage. The ham was cooked well, but the pinapples seemed to be from a can and too sweet. The sausage instantly reminded me of holidays at my Italian grandparent’s house, it was the good ‘ol savory Italian style sausage, and I appreciated the thinly cut pieces. It was very very good.

Perhaps the best part of both pies, was the crust. It was super thin NY style, and had a lovely powdery consistency. It could have had a bit more flavor, but it was really a thrill to eat such a nicely made NY slice.

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