Cooper Smith’s Pub and Brewery

On an adventure in Colorado, I visited Cooper Smith’s Pub and Brewery in Fort Collins Colorado with some friends. Lets take a walk through history lanes as I recount the meal…

diddelley-doo, diddelley-doo, diddelley-doo…




Is that a tasty pretzel covered with a slice or two of All-American Classic Cheddar Cheese?


Was it filthily delicious?

Well, it was delicious, but not filthily so.


IMG_1487I paired that tasty appetizer with one of their own beers, one with Jalapeno in it… Not gonna lie, it was a bit harsh. It was flavorful for certain, but a little too much Jalapeno for me.

I think maybe I was just in the mood for something else, but with a glass of water to calm the taste buds, we continue on our story.

(Update 2014- I cannot find this beer on their menu any longer)




Finally the pizza. I ordered the Margherita Pizza, with garlic oil, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil, topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. This pizza was seriously tasty. I liked the crispy crust, but I think the dough could have had a tad more flavor. My only real criticism is that it was a tad dry. I like my pizza like I like my women… SAUCY!

IMG_1491But just look at the cheese and those toppings: Notice the soft blanket of Mozzarella coating the pie like Christmas Eve’s snow, and  check out the finely chopped basil generously and pleasantly spread all over top. And the vibrant red tomato just poking through enough to you you know he’s there… Glorious.



IMG_1492But I was not done- NO. I needed a beverage to work with me while I savored the pie, and I went with the pub’s own favorite, Linden Street Wheat, which boasts plentiful but balanced banana flavors.

Patio seating. Great company. Pizza. Beer. People enjoying the outdoors and the nearby splash friendly water features, others enjoying the skate park a bit further down. People just walking their dogs and enjoying life..

Can’t get much better than that! Thanks for joining me there!