Ellas Wood Fired Pizza, trip #3, Washington D.C.

You guys know I love Ella’s… a lot. This time I went where no Matticus has gone before: ‘shrooms and olives.

I know.

I figured if I was going to try them on a pizza anywhere, it would be here. And yes I eat these on pizzas now and again, but I don’t try to, and if I do I certainly try and eat as few as possible.

Not tonight though, tonight it was all about them.


We ordered two pies. First up, the Melanzine, with tomato sauce, mild goat cheese, red onions, olives, roasted yellow peppers, and eggplant.

Tons of toppings, super tasty crust as usual, but the problem was the toppings were too bold to be put all together. The party in my mouth was more like a mosh pit than the whiskey sipping social I would have preferred.


Next was the Bosco. This one had mushrooms galore, fresh thyme, roasted tomatoes, and a roasted garlic puree that smacked you in the face. It was good, but the garlic was really strong.

I give each pie a 5 slice rating, because each one was lacking. Next time I’m sticking to every other pizza I’ve eaten at Ella’s, but I’m still glad I tried these pies.