Busboys and Poets, Arlington VA

I’ve heard good things about Busboys and Poets’ pizza. Maybe they just had a bad night… a really really bad night. I ordered the Marinara.

No, I wasn’t impressed. And there was a lot of leftover pizza… Pizza that continued to disappoint the next day.

The cheese was gloopy and in selective pools.

The sauce was completely flavorless.

And the crust… the crust; was soggy.


How can a pizza recover from a soggy crust?

With flavorful toppings, but unfortunately these toppings lacked flavor too.

There was no garlic.

The tomatoes tasted like… like… nothing. They tasted like crappy canned tomatoes.

Also, I don’t know what that green stuff of top is, but I can tell you one thing it wasn’t; flavorful.


Ok. You get the idea, I’m not ordering pizza there again. It’s funny, their nachos are pretty epic and come with a bowl of nacho cheese sauce to dip your cheesy delicious nachos in. The jalapenos don’t mess around, and no matter what you ask them, the sour cream is plopped right on top… But I digress. This is all about the pizza.

When I packed the rather pathetic leftover slices I asked myself… What am I really taking home?