Hops Grill & Brewery, Alexandria VA

2014-07-29 12.07.07

I recently enjoyed some beers at Hops Grill & Brewery in Alexandria Virginia with a fellow pizza connoisseur and Constantinus, my bro Adam. We also ordered the “Uptown Pizza,” which was an insult to pizzas everywhere. This “crispy-crust” pizza sported “creamy spinach” …? as well as artichokes, Monty Jack, and Parmesan cheese.

It was basically an oily thin cracker, with a coating of Alfredo sauce and Jack cheese apparently maintaining some creamy spinach, which you couldn’t really taste much of. It was pretty awful. The only reason this gets a 2-slice rating instead of the infamous 1-slice, is because it was filthy cheesy, and that is always worth something.

Do yourself a favor, just order another beer instead.