Homemade Slow-Rise Crust!


Last week a friend of mine was giving a cooking demonstration on pizza……… Well of course I got some of the homemade dough he made! He gave me a ball of regular dough, and some whole wheat. Tonight I made the regular.

unbakedHe said he’d let it slow rise all week, and it had a very nice subtle sour flavor. I topped the pie with some more subtly pungent flavors in addition to the standard Mozzarella and marinara; I added Thai Basil (from the garden!), and diced garlic. Oh and cherry tomatoes also from the garden ūüôā along with EVOO and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

I am still without a pizza stone, so this was cooked on a baking sheet. I’M SORRY, I’M ONLY HUMAN (just go with it). So the dough could have been a little crispier and fluffier… Overall though the dough had a wonderful flavor!


The topping were perfection on Earth. The flavors all worked together and enhances the slight sour tinge in the dough.¬†Even on the cookie sheet (I’m sorry pizza gods, the pizza stones are literally in the mail), the dough had good consistency. Sure it could have been better, but I was very impressed with it. The pizza earned a solid 7 slice rating, and no leftovers remain!


kale salad

Last but not least, the pizza was paired with a yellow squash, quinoa and kale salad, with lemon-tahini dressing. This is a fantastic recipe variation inspired from¬†The Oh She Glows Cookbook. It happens to be vegan, and it’s a great recipe! In addition to the mentioned ingredients, we¬†added in¬†almonds, cranberries, red onion, and cilantro. This salad is so¬†tasty and filling!