Homemade Whole-Wheat on Pizza Stone

Tonight we tried a simple pie on a PIZZA STONE!!!


OK, the skinny; I had a dough ball made by a friend of mine, that had been slow-risen, then frozen, then thawed, then baked. I didn’t have a chance to bake it before some travelling, so it had to be frozen… It didn’t rise at all after the freeze- I may have killed the yeast.

“Do I feel bad? ….NO.”

A tiny pizza dwarfed by the MIGHTY Lagunitas Imperial Red.

On the bright side, I just received a set of stones from Dough-Joe, and I baked it on them. More info about that later.

Lily, the “Number 1” on our ship, the “USS Pizzaprise” and I (her captain of course) have decided that this pie shall be kept simple, with marinara, Mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, and pesto. For the libations we opened a bottle of a special beer, Lagunitas Imperial Red.

The dough had a nice aroma, but it didn’t rise any more, so we knew it would be smaller and denser than our ideal crust. We wanted to try using a new set of pizza stones, so we’d need the dough to be able to slide on and off the stones with a pizza peel. We used what we had available, like the BOLD PIZZA EXPLORERS we are, and used corn starch underneath the pie. It worked, but it did not help the flavor.

Dough gettin’ crispy on Dough-Joe pizza stones!

We slid it onto a set of pizza stones from Dough-Joe. Notice that this pizza stone is actually made of 5 stones. From my research, this is a more practical approach. Notice also the serious thickness of these stones.

The thickness allows a MASSIVE amount of heat these stones can soak up, and because it’s a set of 5 stones, they’re both more manageable and less likely to crack/break over time.

The dough came out nice and crisp, and it cooked quickly. Even with such a brief test, I can tell that the USS Pizzaprise just got a major upgrade in the engineering department. The pizza was good, the toppings worked well together and the proportions were wonderful, but the serious issues surrounding the old crust, and our lack of proper pizza sliding lubrication, forces my hand here….

This pizza stretches to receive a 6/8.