Sophia’s Pizza, Durham NC

East Durham’s Sophia’s Pizza is where it’s at.

I’ve eaten here a couple times, this time was less awesome. I will be going back, so I’ll add more to this review then.

Here’s what happened… They offer pizza by the slice: cheese, pick your toppings, and most of the specialty pies. They have a specialty pie named ‘chicken’ and that’s what I intended to order.

However, I received a slice of cheese with chicken added as a topping. I was so hungry I ate it anyway.

It gets a 6/8, losing points for the crust and the lack of wow factor. It was good, 6/8 good.

The crust wasn’t great, reminding me of white bread. When I ate there before though, I didn’t mind the crust, so we’ll just have to go back and try it again (won’t we?).

They do have many tasty pies, and they load them up. I can’t wait till next time, when I’ll be specific about the chicken I order. 🙂

(Check out the toppings on this vegetarian slice!)

Epic toppings yo!